13 Steps to Running a Successful Bar

13 Steps to Running a Successful Bar

Running a bar comes with its own set of challenges, from serving an exceptional menu, the perfect environment, the right staff and so much more. We talked to the experts, and here are their top tips on what you can do to make your bar a success.

If you are looking to make your bar a success, there are some steps you can take. If the goal is to please customers with great drinks and quality service, here are some tips that will help:

  1. A Great Kitchen

First, find a location with a great kitchen to have your food prepped. Almost all bar food needs to be made from scratch, so having easy access to good cooking space is important.

Take care of the décor and atmosphere. Make it a place that people want to hang out, either by offering group seating or an area that can be cordoned off for private events.

  1. Hire The Right Bartenders

The first step to running a successful bar is hiring the right bartenders. This means an outgoing personality, strong customer service skills, and quick hands!

  1. The Menu

Have a consistent menu, don’t spin your wheels changing dishes every other week because it’ll confuse customers;

  • Serve strong bar classics like cheeseburgers, pizza or tacos.
  • Keep prices low but offer enough novelty items on the menu
  1. Market! 

Utilize social media marketing and print materials to drive more customers to your business on the weekends, usually prime time for bars.

  1. Right Suppliers

Find the right suppliers that will not only help you save money, but also maintain high sanitation standards since alcohol is involved here.

Michail Korovin, Chef at a Restobar, “The Caviar Guy

  1. Define Your Target Market

Define your target market and create buyer personas for each segment of that market. This makes it easier to tailor the experience people have in your bar specifically for them. For example, if you are targeting college students who like sports, make sure there are enough TVs playing games they might be interested in while they are there. You will also be able to stock the suitable type of beverages.

  1. Hire The Right Staff

Hire the right staff members that fit your brand and know their job well! Always make sure they have a positive attitude, as this will go a long way with patrons of the bar. This is important because people can tell how you feel before even walking through the door, so if someone has an aura about them that seems unhappy or unorganized, your customers will not have a good time when they go to the bar.

  1. Keep Inventory

Make sure you keep track of inventory and know how much everything costs so that there are no surprises with customers at the end of each night! If someone orders a beer, make a note if it is domestic or imported because this can change the price. 

  1. Make Sure You Don’t Overstock Or Under-stock!

If a customer orders an imported beer, but the keg is empty, it does no good to give them domestic, so make a note of what they are drinking currently if this happens. Also, always have some backups on hand just in case something runs out entirely, as people will be less likely to return if they have a terrible experience. 

  1. Keep The Bar Clean And Tidy!

If someone gets sick from something in your bar, you are looking at some hefty fines, so make sure everything is sanitized and organized as much as possible. This also goes for the bathrooms; any spills should be cleaned quickly or mopped up immediately to avoid a slip hazard for patrons.

Megha Gadke, Founder at KetoConnect

  1. Stay On Top Of Industry Trends

This is a more comprehensive version of the know your market suggestion. Look at what other bartenders are doing on the internet. Take a look at their marketing, technology, mixology, and equipment to see what they’re up to. Information is freely available, and there is a whole Internet community dedicated to bar management tactics. 

Join trade associations for the bar, restaurant, and hospitality industries. Proceed to their meetings. If you prefer, meet folks and have face-to-face conversations. In any case, find a group of pros that are doing the same thing as you and learn from them. You can also get a couple of restaurant management books to see what’s going on in the sector. 

Edward Mellett, Founder/Co-Founder WikiJob.co.uk

  1. Build the Right Team

Anything may be taught to a motivated student. As a result, personality and culture should take precedence over abilities and expertise. Some people believe this is absurd. But that’s not the case. When you hire bartenders, you’re creating a whole new social dynamic. As a result, putting together a good team for your bar is as important to you as it is to the rest of the crew. Every day, they’ll be working with the folks you select. They must be a perfect match.

Rameez Usmani, Tech and Security Expert CodeSigningStore.com

  1. Lead by Example

Be visible while the place is growing crowded. Get behind the bar and drop menus and greet tables, clear plates, run a bus tub, assist with bar inventory, whatever it takes. If your employees don’t believe they’re the only ones working hard, they’ll be more motivated to do so. 

Chris Nddie, Co-Owner & Marketing Director at ClothingRIC