16 Famous People Who Didn’t Go To “Traditional” School

16 Famous People Who Didn't Go To "Traditional" School

So much talent and skill in this group!

by Audrey Engvalson BuzzFeed Staff
Sep 4, 2020
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1. Selena Gomez

In 2015, Selena talked to Oakland County Moms about her experience being homeschooled and said, “There are a few moments where I would have liked to have gone to school, but it didn’t bother me. I did most of my schooling on [Wizards of Waverly Place], so I was with my other cast on my show. I had interactive people around me, so it wasn’t just me in a white room with just a tutor.”

2. The Jonas Brothers

Nick, Kevin, and Joe were all homeschooled, and Kevin and Joe even had cap-and-gown graduation ceremonies at home!

3. Simone Biles

She had to decide whether she wanted a traditional school experience or if she wanted to be homeschooled so she could further her skills in gymnastics. Biles told the Undefeated, “I missed, like, all my friends at school and stuff. But I mean, in the end, it worked out.”

4. Elle Fanning

She was homeschooled through third grade. She told Page Six, “In fourth grade I went to a regular school, and it was the first time I had been in a classroom with kids my age, so I was a little freaked out.”

5. Agatha Christie

The famous author was homeschooled and learned how to read at a very young age.

6. Venus and Serena Williams

Their parents decided to homeschool both of them so they could have more time on the courts.

7. Thomas Edison

He was taught reading, writing, and arithmetic by his mother, but according to the National Park Service, he taught himself a lot by reading on his own.

8. Hilary Duff

Hilary said that she stopped going to “real” school in third grade and that she’s learning a lot by helping her son with his homework now.

9. Demi Lovato

She left a traditional school because of bullying and started homeschooling when she was 12.

10. Tara Lipinski

Tara spoke with Cosmopolitan about the experience and said, “Of course, you think back and wonder, What would prom have been like? I didn’t have those normal high school experiences, but I was pretty lucky; I had tons of friends at the rink.”

11. Hailee Steinfeld

She started homeschooling in sixth grade and said that not having a traditional high school experience helped her relate to her role of Nadine in Edge of Seventeen.

12. Ansel Adams

The famous photographer was pulled out of school when he was 12 and was homeschooled by a private tutor.

13. Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza was homeschooled for first grade. In her memoir, she recounts how she missed the cutoff to start first grade, so her mother got her ready to skip that grade and jump into the next the following year.

14. Kristen Stewart

Kristen says that when her career got in the way of traditional school in her early teens, her teachers didn’t support her and wouldn’t give her supplemental materials when she was away and on the set.

15. Miley Cyrus

She actually graduated from high school early because she was homeschooled!

16. And Ryan Gosling

In an interview with GQ, Ryan said, “I could stay home and watch Planet of the Apes in the morning and then go downstairs and draw while I learned about some historical battle — draw these maps and scenarios and connect to it in a way that was personal to me.”

SOURCE: Audrey Engvalson
VIA: buzzfeed.com