Benefits That Come With Learning Self Defense

Benefits That Come With Learning Self Defense

Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world where trouble could be lurking around any corner. However, we don’t need to succumb to the dangers; there are ways we can learn to protect ourselves. Learning self-defense is an excellent way to protecting ourselves wherever we go. 

It is legally your right to defend yourself, and it is vital you equip yourself with the required skills to do just that.

Not only does Self-Defense benefit you by making you physically fit, but it also has great mental benefits by giving you confidence, awareness and calm.

We reached out to Self-Defense experts who, with their practical experience, have shared all the benefits you can gain from learning self-defense.

Improved Coordination

“By learning how to control your body better, you will be more aware of the environment and will have a better sense of space around you. Being aware of your surroundings, paying attention to your peripheral vision can even translate into certain skills such as driving.” (Martial Arts Expert; Robert)

Better Cardiovascular- And Lung Health

“In addition to improving one’s cardiovascular system and lowering blood pressure, self-defense training can also increase longevity. Taking many, deep breaths during training can also help lungs function better since the deep breaths can increase the lung’s capacity and improve its ability to repair itself from previous damage.” (Martial Arts Expert; Robert)

Better Sleep

“In addition to providing an amazing workout, self-defense also help improve sleep quality by mentally draining the body and increasing flexibility. Together, these factors can improve your sleep quality, which, in turn, can enhance your performance and health.” (Martial Arts Expert; Robert)

Management of Anger and Aggression

“Training in self-defense can be a great way for anyone to shed some excess cortisol, boost their adrenaline, strengthen their muscles and then relax afterward, exhausted. In other words, it is one of the best ways to handle destructive emotions in a productive way. The result is more mental calmness and maturity, as well as a decreased risk of aggressive outbursts.” (Martial Arts Expert; Robert)

Increasing Self-esteem 

“Seeing as self-defense is all about learning to defend yourself, all while respecting your opponent, this should not come as a surprise. The combination of mature stances and the practical skills of learning an art can all work together to mature a person and increase their self-esteem. Training can also improve looks, which improves self-esteem.” (Martial Arts Expert; Robert)

More ‘Feel-Good’ Hormones

“Not only do serotonin and dopamine affect how you feel throughout the day (and affect your self-esteem), but also whether you feel motivated or not. With self-defense training, you develop a desire to learn more, and this can also spiral upwards like the previous benefit.”

Robert, Martial Arts Expert and Founder of Way of Martial Arts

Self-Awareness and Mental Control

“The self-defense class has improved my self-awareness and my strength. I’m always alert and aware of my surroundings wherever I go; I’ve also learned how to stay calm in any threatening situation and how to disarm an attacker with or without a weapon. Everyone should learn self-defense, even if it’s just the basics; it could save your life or someone else’s someday.”

Adanna Jideofor, Fitness Guru and PR Manager of Oliver Wicks

Builds Confidence and Calm

“I believe the greatest advantage in learning and training in self-defense is the confidence that it builds. The journey is very different for each practitioner. But the benefits are very similar. Take Jiu-Jitsu; it’s an incredibly long journey. So the ability to be focused and committed to the journey is a huge reward, not to mention the confidence in understanding that you have to tools and skills needed to survive a physical attack. 

“Many times this journey actually makes the student less likely to engage in pre-fight behavior. The student is able to remain calm, is able to take in active stressors and use their mind and intellect to defuse a situation. Most of the time, self defense practitioners never have to resort to using their skill set.”

Mike McKirahan,  Business Development Lead Concealed Coalition

Mental Focus and Awareness

“When we begin the path of self-defense, the most important aspect is mental. When we become switched on, we are able to see the world differently. The cognitive processes to become aware (self & environmental) become intuitive and we can focus on other things while those processes are occurring without our active participation.” (John Edwards)

Fitness and Less Likely to be Injured

“With any training, the physical attributes are numerous. We become more fit. We are less likely to be injured. When injured, we are less likely to be debilitated. The release of endorphins while training makes us happier. 

“All good things. But not as important as developing a plan to Detect, Diffuse or Defend! Mental training is important for those who would be combative as well as for those who chose to not be combative. Those who chose to not participate in their own safety should receive training in how to not make it more difficult for those who would.”

John Edwards, Team Trainer Concealed Coalition

Prepares You to React Appropriately

“It’s hard to put into words but imagine never being involved in any type of physical altercation and suddenly, when confronted with one, you have no idea how you’ll react. While we all know that plans can and will go sideways, with training, you’ve at least conditioned yourself to respond in a more appropriate manner vs. having the ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ response. With training, you can condition your response mentally, as well as prepare your body physically. Training whether it be fists, knives, or guns is always an advantage.”

Chad Carr, Regional Trainer Concealed Coalition