Best Nightlife Activities to do with Friends

Best Nightlife Activities to do with Friends

Are you planning a night of fun with your friends? We have gathered an excellent list of ideas that you can explore with your friends.


The ultimate night activity that you can do with your friends is stargazing. You even don’t have to go too far; just grab your friends and head out to the nearest hill. A place away from the city lights. If you want to make it an all-nighter, bring some camping equipment like sleeping bags and some marshmallows. 

Spending time in nature is a great bonding experience, and nothing compares to watching the stars shine bright with your most loved friends. This way, you are not just spending another night drinking, but you are actually creating a memory that will last for a lifetime.

Robert Barry, Partner at Hyke and Byke

Drive-in Movies

Some of the best nightlife activities are: going to drive-in movies with popcorn and booze, bowling with a fun group of friends, bar hopping with a designated driver, going old school by pulling into a 24hour Sonic drive-in, and enjoying ice cream and good talks. 

Another great nightlife activity for those with kids is having a poker night, movie night, Sunday, or Monday football night with a potluck. This way, you have the house to put kids down to sleep if it’s past their bedtime, and nobody has to drive home after drinking.

Nahyun Barbuto, Founder of Lifting Motherhood

There is nothing more adventurous when you are with your friends. Even simple activities or talks are memorable when you do it with someone you love, and you treasure the most; even if you don’t get to sleep, it is fine. As a relationship expert, here are the following activities I could recommend you can do with your friends:

Game Night

Cliche’ isn’t it? But this is still the most memorable activity you could do together. You have to play ordinary games and turn them extraordinarily by giving punishments to those who lose.


You better get to sleep before having this activity because you might be watching all night. It could be horror movies, comedy, or even romance movies that you all love.


If you have a space in your backyard, you can set up a tent and have some late-night talks. You could also jam by singing songs at night.

April Maccario, Founder of Ask April

Go To A Local Concert

One of the best nighttime activities to get up with your friends is to go online, search for any music performances and concerts near you and get tickets. This can often be a great way to not only have fun but bond with your friends through music and dancing. And even if you don’t know the artist performing, it can often be a great way to discover new talent, meet new people, share new experiences or even have a good night out drinking with your friends.

Explore Your Own Neighborhood

You can also opt to research any local events and offbeat venues in your area by planning out a cultural excursion to the ones that catch your eye. For instance, you can attend some local gallery showings, bowling alleys, visit karaoke bars, roller rinks, and escape rooms for a fun combination of activities that can make for a great way to appreciate what your own neighborhood has to offer. 

And to make things a little more interesting, you can also plan a night of bar hopping, or, if it’s a warm night out, you can all bring some booze and food, then just chill out on a rooftop to enjoy the night atmosphere.

Eden Cheng, Co-Founder PeopleFinderFree

It’s not always easy to find time for fun, but if you and your friends are used to going out as a group, then there is no reason why that can’t change. All it takes is some creativity in how the four of us hang out this week – without having any obligations or responsibilities besides being together! 

Movie Marathon

Your favorite movies are back in style! Watch them on Netflix and get ready for an ’80s movie marathon. In this day of social media, we often forget what it was like before scrolling through our feeds with a few clicks every morning. For those days where you need some wholesome entertainment or just want to be transported into another world entirely – tune in by watching anything from “Stranger Things” all the way down memory lane with classics such as “Pretty in Pink”, “The Breakfast Club” and more.

Potluck Dinner Party

Invite your friends over for dinner and have each one bring a dish. You could even learn how to cook something new together – cooking can be fun!

Lynda Le, Nail Technician and Founder of Polish Perfect

Some More Fun Ideas You Can Try Are…

  • Put on G-Shock watches and do an arm-wrestling competition with friends to see who can stay awake the longest;
  • Play tricks on strangers in public, like asking them for directions but quickly running away before they respond or telling them that you found a rare pet like a lion, tiger, or bear (not actually getting the animal yet), then eventually running down the block; 
  • Target practice with water guns;
  • Go out for milkshakes at 4 am every day until your taste buds adjust before returning to more savory drinks like coffee or tea later in life.
  • Find out what your friends’ top three favorite activities are, and do them together for an entire night;
  • Have a dance-off with glow sticks or lightsabers;
  • Do face masks together (meaning everyone does the same kind of mask);
  • Try to beat your records on each other’s personal bests, like who can brush their teeth the fastest or make their bed in under two minutes.
  • Play a game of kickball in a public area while wearing bright neon colors, and try to get the attention of bystanders;
  • Dress up as a mascot or superhero and go on a walk around town for a few hours, then mix it up by going into stores and asking random people if they want to purchase items from a store you made up on the spot. 
  • Take a large, inflatable ball and find a body of water to kick it around in;
  • Find out what your friends’ favorite Disney movies are (bonus points for naming all the characters in the film), then dress up like one of them and act out key scenes from the movie while reenacting iconic lines.
  • Try a new restaurant every day for 30 days in a row, and see how many days straight you can do it; 
  • Go to open mics hosted by local bars and coffee shops and sing your favorite songs with friends or even perform your own original works or songs you made up on the spot.
  • Make a list of all the things you’ve been wanting to do for a while, or make a bucket list of things you want to accomplish before you die. Then, go through each item one by one and complete them together with your friends on a weekly basis until they’re all completed!

Todd runs the website RideFAQs