Challenges of Going To A Golf Driving Range at Night

Challenges of Going To A Golf Driving Range at Night

Many golf enthusiasts may be quite aware of the challenges of making their way to the driving range during the day. Whether because of work, errands, or other obligations, sometimes, the only time you may have to hit the driving range is at night. However, this is not without its challenges and obstacles.

Below we will discuss some of these roadblocks and how to overcome them to make the experience of going to a driving range at night still enjoyable. 

Dim Lighting 

Dim lighting is, of course, one of the biggest hindrances of going to the driving range at night. To make up for this, several ranges utilize floodlights to illuminate the space. At times, however, these lights may cause glare, be too low, or have insufficient wattage, thus impairing your vision. LED lighting is the ideal solution, as it is cost and energy efficient, and reduces glare significantly. There are actually a number of LED-powered golf balls, perfect for playing at night.

Lower Temperatures

When temperatures drop at night, golf balls take even longer to warm up. Colder temperatures also affect the distances balls are able to travel. At night, golf balls travel much shorter distances, which can frustrate you as you play. Factor this into your swing to manage your expectations.


Golf is a social activity, but many people go to the range to practice their swing and ultimately, improve their game. Distractions are bound to occur, but it’s good to use the time to focus, especially if you are serious about golf. While there is limited space in a driving range, one way you can improve is to imagine that you are playing a full round of golf with 18 holes. Visualize holes and shots as if you were playing an actual golf game. This will train you effectively for the next time you get to play an 18-hole round. 


Going to the driving range comes with its fair set of challenges, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome. Be sure to take these factors into consideration the next time you hit the range at night. Do not let these challenges discourage you. At the end of the day, some practice is better than none at all. Remember this the next time you find yourself frustrated while going to the golf range at night.