Dos and Don’ts During the Pandemic

Dos and Don’ts During the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way of life for the majority of us. Some have lost their jobs; others have not been able to see their families. And while some have rediscovered healthy habits as a way of coping, others are merely trying to survive

Nevertheless, everyone has had to adjust some part of their lives in one way or another. Over a year into the pandemic, we have gathered some dos and don’ts. As we are still trying to make it through, these should still prove useful.


  1. Wash your hands 

Remember to wash your hands after touching surfaces, such as before and after using the kitchen counter or utensils, after going to the bathroom, commuting on public transport, blowing your nose, or sneezing.

  1. Learn the symptoms

If you are not familiar with the symptoms already, stay abreast with the news. In some cases, symptoms will not show up until after 14 days. There have also been a few new variants, so staying informed is one of your best lines of defense at this time.

  1. Stay at home 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that people only go out if necessary, so be mindful of everyone around you and stay home as much as possible.

  1. Wear a mask 

Remember to wear a mask when you go outside and properly follow safety protocol to keep a safe 6 ft. distance. Wear your mask at all times, both for yourself and for others’ protection. 

  1. Stay calm and relaxed

Staying calm at this time might seem difficult with lockdown restrictions, an atmosphere of uncertainty, and so much more, but there are a few things you can do to make this happen. We suggest adding a cup of cold brew coffee to your routine. 

You can trust that it will help power you through the day, with the added benefit of it being less acidic, and less harsh on your teeth and stomach. 


  1. Touch your face

Do not touch your mouth, eyes, and nose. You never know if you may accidentally have touched a germ-filled surface or someone who has the virus. Avoid doing this at all costs.

  1. Hoarding

Hoarding behavior was common at the start of the pandemic, but it is important to remember how selfish this can be. We recommend that you do not hoard necessities as they are essential to everyone. Try keeping a detailed list of groceries for about a month, to reduce waste and to ensure that there are more than enough goods for everyone. 

  1. Parties

This should go without saying, but a lot of people seem to forget that throwing holiday parties should be the last thing on your mind. Mixing multiple households or “bubbles” is never a good idea, as it can increase the chances of transmitting the virus. If you must get together with people outside of your household, keep the number of guests to a minimum and follow proper protocol. It is not actually bad, just pick an appropriate holiday party venues where people can practice social distancing.

  1. Injections

During the pandemic, many notable influencers still got their botox and lip filler injections. Some individuals who recently got fillers and botox had adverse side effects to the vaccine, such as swelling in the face and lip area.

While only three out of over fifteen thousand patients got certain side effects, if you plan to get vaccinated, we recommend waiting approximately two weeks before and after getting the vaccine. 

  1. Travel

Like most other things on this list, only travel if it is necessary. Avoid this at all costs, especially if you feel any strange symptoms. Although you may be asymptomatic, you do not want to put others at risk, so please be considerate. 

Although many of these tips are now well-established facts, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of them every once in a while. We should all do our part to stay healthy, safe, and mindful of others during this time.