13 Essentials To Pack When Going For A Beach Holiday

13 Essentials To Pack When Going For A Beach Holiday

A beach holiday is a perfect way to enjoy a summer day out while still complying with COVID-19 SOPs. If you’re wondering what to pack in that beach bag, we have all the essentials covered here, and the luxury items too. 

So let’s get started, with some great suggestions on what you need for the perfect day at the beach.

  1. Zip-up Bags and Mats

“It can be difficult to keep sand out of your towel, especially after a swim. To keep them clean and sand-free, keep your towels in a bag and take them out only when you need to dry yourself. Also, instead of laying down your towel directly on the sand, invest in a Beach Mat and cover it with your towel. Beach mats are water-proof, elevated, and a lot more comfortable.” (Kevin Mercier)

  1. Old Sheets

“To protect your cars from accumulating sand, bring along old sheets to cover the seats before you leave your car. You could also invest in a brush to clean any sand off of your body before entering your vehicle.” (Kevin Mercier)

  1. Flip-Flops/Slides

“When going to the beach, it’s recommended to wear flip-flops or slides as they prevent sand from building up and are easier to clean. Using a good pair of Water Shoes on the beach is also an ideal choice as it keeps both water and sand out.” (Kevin Mercier)

  1. Water and Fruits

“Avoid drinking alcoholic or caffeinated drinks during the hottest parts of the day and have plenty of water as well as fruits to stay cool and hydrated.” (Kevin Mercier)

  1. Sunblock

“It’s often easy to forget to use sunblock after you’ve already applied it the first time. However, it wears off over time, so you’ll need to keep reapplying it every two hours or as directed according to the bottle. You can use a reminder app on your phone and set it to beep every two hours to remind you to re-apply your sunscreen.” (Kevin Mercier)

  1. Insect Repellent

“Use a good insect repellent on your clothes, skin, and spray it on the towel/mat that you’ll be laying on. You’d be surprised at how many species of bugs inhabit most beaches.”

Kevin Mercier, Founder Travel Blog Kevmrc.com

Again- A Good SPF-Rated Sun Lotion

“First, pack a good SPF-rated sun lotion. Pack at least one tube for every day you’ll be on your beach holiday, and make sure it’s with you at all times. Ensure the sunscreen is specially designed to work even when sweating or being in the water and offers complete UVA protection.” (Mo Mulla)

  1. Hat

“Second, pack a hat instead of slicked-back hair, as sweaty frizz can increase cancer risk. Wear clothes that cover up most of your skin, so you don’t have to worry about getting burnt.” (Mo Mulla)

  1. Quick-Drying Swimwear

“Next pack swimwear made from quick-drying material such as quick-dry cotton or clothing made from breathable fabrics (polyesters). Pack your towel in a waterproof backpack to make it more mobile and easy for you to carry around.” (Mo Mulla)

  1. Water or Drinks

“I also recommend bringing some water or other drink with you so that there is never any need to be thirsty, but also be aware of not being too dehydrated–get plenty of water!” (Mo Mulla)

  1. Sunglasses

“A pair of sunglasses and a hat with pants or shorts to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Make sure that they are made out of breathable and waterproof materials.” (Mo Mulla)

  1. Umbrella

“Because, as we all know, rain is inevitable.” (Mo Mulla)

  1. Slippers

“So you can walk on wet sand without getting sand in your toes or shoes while also giving yourself a practical way to keep your feet warm if the weather gets chilly.”

Mo Mulla, Founder Parental Questions 

  1. Proper Footwear

“I think that one of the most essential items to pack on any beach vacation and one that is often overlooked is proper footwear. Everyone tends to grab their basic flip flops and think; ‘done!’, but more thought needs to go into your day. Flip flops are fine if you are walking a short distance over flat, even surfaces, and then you don’t plan to be active. However, if you have a long walk over rocks, or challenging terrain, or even a long walk along the sand, then flip flops will not give you support or be comfortable. 

“Rather, you should put on a pair of sandals with adjustable straps over the toes, ankles, and heels. These can still be stylish or sporty – take a look at Teva sandals, for example. Sandals with good traction that are secure to your feet allow you to walk long distances, be active on the beach and even in the water when there might be more rocks or sludge that you wish to avoid.”Nicole Hunter, Travel Blogger Go Far Grow Close