How to Throw a Successful Party

How to Throw a Successful Party

Got a party coming up that you need to host? We have probably all experienced the party that simply fell flat and ended up a complete disappointment or failure. The trick is all in the planning. You can’t simply call a few people and let them entertain themselves. You’ll need to put in a little more effort than that. 

Set your stage, seat your guests right, put on party music to set the mood- make sure you have a good sound system, arrange something to keep your guests engaged and of course- since the people make up the party- make sure your guest list is right.

Talking to the professionals in party planning, we have compiled a list of the best tips and tricks on how to throw a terrific party.

  1. Set the Mood and the Seating

“Take stock of the mood you want to set and use it for your inspiration. Make sure to provide ample seating on each side of your living room or kitchen.” (Sarah Walker)

  1. Food and Drinks

“Plan a variety of good finger foods (appetizers), and offer plenty of alcohol-free beverages as well as alcoholic drinks for those who have a designated driver.” (Sarah Walker)

  1. Decorations

“Use any decorations that are cluttering up your house- it doesn’t mattsavorythey go together- they will make the scene complete!”

Sarah Walker, Founder of

  1. Murder Mystery Games

“Everyone loves to sink their teeth into solving a murder mystery, so what could be more fun than throwing a party where the guests try to solve a fictional murder? Unsolved Case Files produces the most unique cases available, that will make your party truly memorable, and will allow each guest to feel like a detective.”

Bonnie Daly, Public Relations Manager Unsolved Case Files

  1. A Delectable Menu

“Decorate your patio or fire pit side with soothing decoration that will be familiar to your guest. Without savoury, sizzler, and drink, a party can never be a memorable party. So decide the menu and try to arrange maximum things before so that you don’t have to rush for cooking and all during the party.” (Laura)

  1. Engage The Guests

“Organize quick games or short performance pitches that will engage every individual. Last but not least, the heart of a party is the people who are invited when they will be happy at your party, your party will be the sweetest part of their memory!”

Laura, an author and expert of Fireplace Fact

  1. Visually Appealing and Appetizing

“A party goes from good to memorable when it’s both visually appealing and pleases the taste buds. That’s where decorated buttercream sugar cookies enter the party scene. Sugar cookies are easily customizable for any theme. With their unforgettable too-pretty-to-eat appearance and tasty buttercream frosting, your guests will be impressed. Whether you make them yourself or find a local baker, your party guests won’t forget this often-missed added touch.”

Leah Buehler is the Founder of the blog

  1. Post Your Event Early

“One thing that makes any party successful is having enough people attending since no one likes an empty dance floor. The best way to almost guarantee attendees is to create an event on Facebook at least a month in advance. Nowadays, always have some events pop up on their feed and you want to make sure your party is seen before people make other plans. 

“If you post the event a few days before the weekend, chances are it will fail, since it will be too late. So the important thing is to get word of the party out there early so people can start sharing it!” 

Torben Lønne, Travel Writer and Co-Founder of

  1. Pick a Theme

“If you want to throw a successful, memorable party, I’d recommend you pick a theme and get the guests involved with it somehow. This is a great time to pick a theme and have guests dress a certain way or bring something that’s in line with the theme you’ve picked. 

“For example, try throwing a 70s party. The guests can wear 70s outfits, you can play music from the 70s, and you can find unique decorations to really change the scene.”

Marta Meerlaide, Founder of Ninja Casino

  1. Games

“Nothing is worse than when you’re at a party and the only entertainment is a boring sports game on the flat-screen TV, where the sound is so low you can barely hear it over the loud sappy 80’s music blaring from a speaker by the lonely plastic chip bowl. This is not a successful party. A successful party brings people together. So how do you do this? With games! Whether it’s teams or competitive one-on-one, party games are the ultimate party savor. It brings groups closer, or maybe farther apart, but that is the fun of it! 

“So at your next party, bring out the ring toss, or pin the tail on the donkey and get ready for the laughs, snorts and maybe some tears along the way.”

Karen Lee, Founder of Things Around the House