Productive Hobbies to Drive Away the Boredom

Productive Hobbies to Drive Away the Boredom

We all want to make the most of our time- there is only so much time we can spend on our devices. However, we have all experienced the lull and boredom when we put down our phones. What else is there to do? Quite a lot, apparently- you just need to tap into our inner creativity and you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel doing something more productive with your time.

We have gathered some of the best ideas on what you can do for a productive hobby;

  1. Reading

“One productive way to kill boredom is reading. Reading can take your mind off of things for a while, and it transports you to wherever the setting of the story is. Reading helps to widen your vocabulary and to stimulate your mind.  

“You can start reading short stories if you can’t dedicate yourself to reading entire novels. And if you’re not into the fiction genre, there’s a lot of available self-help books that can enrich your knowledge on many things.  

“You can also pick up a hobby like crocheting, playing musical instruments, or drawing.” 

Joe Wilson, Senior Employment Advisor at MintResume

  1. Listen to Productive Podcasts

“Listening to productive podcasts can be a great hobby to drive away boredom while also being productive. There are many podcasts available on different platforms to increase your knowledge. TED talks podcast is one of my favourites. It covers a variety of topics, hence everyone can find something of their interest. Listening to them always helps me to gain knowledge and it also takes my mind off of certain things and prevents me from overthinking scenarios.”

Jacob Hubbard, Editor at TheGoodyPet

  1. Bouldering

“Bouldering is more popular than ever with people looking for a new physical activity with a strong social aspect. Bouldering is a form of climbing just a few meters off of the ground. It uses large foam crash matting to help break falls, but it’s still a little scary. As a new hobby, it’s an excellent form of exercise that works the whole body while engaging your mind. Figuring out a route involves a lot of problem-solving and is often compared to solving a puzzle with your body.

“Not only do you get a workout but it has a great social scene and people are eager to share tips and find solutions together. This often leads to finding a new crew for bigger outdoor adventures in rock climbing and beyond. Learning to boulder is very inclusive and easy to start. Find your local bouldering gym’s website and book a taster session today. The 2021 Summer Olympics also featured Climbing as a sport for the first time – so now is the perfect time to start.”

Matt, Editor of

  1. Polymer Clay Art

“Many people don’t know what polymer clay is, or they potentially played with it as a kid. Polymer clay is a fun and easy-to-use clay that you can sculpt and bake from the comfort of your home without any special tools or equipment. Best of all, sculpting with polymer clay is a surprisingly productive hobby that will keep you entertained endlessly.

“Working with polymer clay is a productive hobby because you can create tangible products that can be used in your everyday life. Artists create, use, and sell jewelry, earrings, magnets, sculptures, keychains, toys, trinkets, and many other practical items out of polymer clay. Not only will you enjoy your clay hobby, but when you are finished, you will have created a piece of art that can have a practical purpose. Beginning artists will be amazed at how quickly they can make fun, beautiful, and whimsical art with their clay.

“Sculpting with polymer clay is a surprisingly productive hobby because it boosts your mental health. There is a connection between working with your hands and your brain that has been studied by neuroscientists. There is no better art medium than clay for using your hands to explore and create tangible objects. This hobby will help you relax, clear your mind, and help reduce anxiety as you get lost in your art. While sculpting, you will get in the “flow” or “zone” while you are simply having fun and not focusing on the many other distractions and stressors of daily life. After a polymer clay working session, people typically feel relaxed, energized, and ready to tackle the rest of their day.

“Give polymer clay a try to start experiencing a fun, productive hobby with many unexpected benefits. You will get lost in your art and never be bored again.”

Blair Motchan, President Firefly Art Supplies LLC

  1. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

“A new skill I started during lockdown last year to drive away boredom was playing the piano. Playing an instrument has been scientifically proven to engage practically every area of the brain at once, especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortices so it gets my mental capacity going again and helps me through my day. It’s like a mental full-body workout and helps me with my creativity.” 

Gene Caballero, Co-Founder GreenPal

  1. Blogging

“This is not only a productive way to drive away boredom, it can also lead to money making opportunities, if done right and consistently. There’s also a lot of skills involved in an upkeep of a blog, skills you can use to expand employment opportunities.” (Julie)

  1. Gardening

“Not only is it a relaxing activity as you’re out in nature, it’s also an opportunity to eat healthily.” 

Julie Ann Ensomo, Blogger at 

  1. Exercising

“Yes, there are many hobbies to which you can dedicate your spare time to, but there’s arguably no other that makes you feel as productive and happy with yourself as exercising. If you’re not used to exercising, don’t freak out just yet. Exercising does not necessarily mean lifting weights and spending hours of intense training at the gym; exercising could be as light as you want. You could start exercising by running or even just walking a few miles every day; the really important thing here is to get your body moving so you can then begin with other more intense activities.

“Apart from helping you achieve a fit body, exercising also provides you with many benefits such as improving mental health, reducing the risk of suffering from heart diseases, improving your sleep, and providing you with a healthier lifestyle overall. Exercising is the perfect example of a hobby that increases your ability to cope with stress after a draining day.”

Jesse David Thé, CEO Tauria

  1. Learn a New Language

“When you learn a new language, you’re invariably learning about an entire culture too. Not only does this expose you to diverse lifestyles, but it’s extremely handy when you travel to new places as well. You start looking at the act of communication very differently.

“Besides, being bilingual or multilingual is a great skill to have on your resume. You’re no longer bound by limited opportunities and can further explore new avenues.”

Riley Beam, Managing Attorney Douglas R. Beam, P.A