QuickBooks has become must-have accounting software for any small and mid-size business. As a result, having Bellwether purchase order management software that is integrated with QuickBooks is a priority for many business organizations that fall in the SMBS category. Having an integrated system with QuickBooks on board brings enormous benefits. Here is why you need purchasing software that is integrated with QuickBooks:

1. You can convert POs to bills with ease

QuickBooks is incredibly useful when it comes to handling Purchase Orders (POs). Once an order has been completed, QuickBooks will proceed to make automatic copies of the items, rates from the PO, and quantities before turning these details into a bill. QuickBooks also allows you to send the processed bills to your clients right away to give them the options of completing the transaction through a bank account out or credit card. After that, QuickBooks will handle the payment processing and proceed to track everything else regarding the payments.

2. Creating POs

With QuickBooks as part of the system, the process of creating POs and adding custom numbers on them just got easier. QuickBooks allows you to add all the necessities on the PO including custom PO numbers, your company’s logo, address, colors as well as an array of other custom fields that would give it a more professional look. If you’re always with a list of same vendors, just add all their information in your system, so that when you get to prepare the next PO, the software will automatically input all the required information in the appropriate fields. Better yet, QuickBooks will allow you to schedule POs for any recurring purchases that your organization expects every month.

3. Tracking all open vendor orders

QuickBooks will allow you to see in advance all open orders that are on their way. By a simple click, you will see all the details about the vendor, including paid bills, overdue bills, and unbilled POs.

Why QuickBooks integrated purchase order software is highly beneficial especially to SMBS

QuickBooks isn’t entirely undesirable for large businesses; its functions just seem to benefit small and medium businesses more than large ones. Here are the benefits of QuickBooks to SMBS:

Saves a lot of time on bookkeeping: QuickBooks can automate an array of simple bookkeeping tasks that would have required a lot of time to put in order.

Generates reports: All the information regarding your organization’s POs can be compiled to give details about the health of your business – is it making or losing money, are the vendors observing time efficiency? Etc.

Customizable: Each business could be handling its POs in a way that’s different from another business. QuickBooks is highly flexible to a variety of small businesses. It also provides functions that are only applicable in specific fields.

Saves money: The flexibility of its functionalities and the ease of handling an array of PO-related transactions can save any business a lot of money.

The overall efficiency advantage of having purchasing order software integrated with QuickBooks is priceless. Unfortunately, QuickBooks does not offer everything that a more robust and dedicated purchasing system. It doesn’t need to, anyway. That’s why it is integrated with other systems.