The one lesson I’ve learned from life: Peter Andre says fatherhood forced him to grow up

  • Peter Andre has told how he is still learning how to be a parent every day  
  • He says his 20s were a blur as he spent the entire time touring and partying 
  • Now he says that when he is away for work all he can think about is his family 

21 February 2021

Singer Peter Andre, 47, lives in Surrey with his wife Emily MacDonagh and their children Amelia, seven, and Theodore, four. He also has two children, Junior, 15, and Princess Tiaamii, 13, and a stepson, Harvey, 18, from his previous marriage to model Katie Price

Fatherhood forced me to grow up

No matter how ready you think you are, nothing will prepare you for the day your first child is born. Suddenly your whole world changes and so do you: the lack of sleep takes over, and your brain never properly switches off because you’re constantly listening for noises.

When I held my eldest biological child, Junior, for the first time, the emotion was overwhelming. I’d never experienced that kind of love before. I really believe there are certain emotions which unlock at specific times in your life, and having your first child is one of them. It unearthed a lot of new feelings for me. And the same magic follows with each child, every time.

But as a parent you are constantly winging it — I’m still learning every day. Since lockdown I’ve had to become a school teacher and a nanny all at once.

I worry about my kids around the clock. That hasn’t changed as mine have got older. Junior will be 16 in June and he’s asked me if he can have a moped for his birthday. I can’t agree as I’d be living in constant fear every time he went out on it. I realise I have to loosen the reigns a little bit each year, but it’s a tough balance to strike.

For years I wouldn’t let him watch Love Island, but now that he’s older I’ve finally caved in. Princess still isn’t allowed to watch it, and she isn’t allowed to have her phone in her room either. I feel like I’m busting their chops, but at the same time I believe I’m doing what’s best for them. I’ve learned that it’s important to set boundaries, and that those rules really are for their benefit.

My 20s were a blur because I spent the entire time touring and partying — but now when I’m away for work all I can do is think about my family and hope I don’t miss one of my children’s performances at school.

  • Peter is working on new nutrition and fitness app and his YouTube channel — The Andres — goes out every Thursday and Sunday night. 
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