The Surprising Health Benefits Of Going To The Pub

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Going To The Pub

If you like visiting the pub, this is excellent news for you. However, the surprising health benefits of pubs don’t have anything to do with alcohol. The secret is in the atmosphere that allows people to unwind and relax. People who regularly visit pubs are more likely to be socially engaged and better members of the community. 

So, How Does This Work?

The easy, comfortable environment of a pub allows for regular interactions and open conversation. People don’t just go there for alcohol; pubs usually offer food and other refreshments too. This environment allows people to lower their inhibitions and interact more trustingly. It helps them let go of their stress and socially engage. 

Of course, that does not imply a pub is the only way to interact socially. In fact, for those working on their sobriety, it may not be a good idea at all. However, under normal circumstances, it works to encourage community closeness while lowering stress levels.

We talked to the experts to find out all the surprising benefits going to the pub can actually do for your health, and here are some of those listed;

The Twice-Fermented Beers Are A Great Source of Probiotics

Beers that are fermented twice can be a great source of probiotics. Beer’s high in probiotic bacteria are typically quite strong, so you shouldn’t overindulge too much, even if it is in the name of gut health. 

Hoegarden, Westmalle Tripel and Echt Kriekenbier are a few beers that are fermented twice. They contain the probiotic strain Lactobacillus Paracasei which is also found in Yogurts. It has been studied to show a whole bunch of health benefits both mentally and physically. 

Alicia Harper, NYC Based Nutritionist

A Visit To The Pub Can Be A Great Stress Reliever 

It is quite odd to think how much we guys can benefit by simply visiting a pub. A simple stop at the Pub is a stress reliever from our everyday lives. And we go there to meet other guys and usually open up on problems with our fellow bar mates. 

These problems could be anything related to work or marriage issues, maybe even a hot secretary that is seeking attention in the office. 

But in most cases, they tend to be issues that would probably never see the light of day due to guys not knowing how to actually open up about these things with a woman. 

James, Owner, and Co-Founder of

The Pub Is A Form Of Socialization

Going to the pubs is a form of socialization. The pubs also provide alcohol and other beverages to members. It provides entertainment in the form of music, food, or cultural events for people around the world. In addition, going to the pub brings together people without categorization-old and young people alike, all gather in a spirit of camaraderie.

Warm, Less Intense Lighting To Relax The Environment

One of the major reasons why pubs are good for health is because they often have less intense lighting so people can enjoy their conversations; there is no requirement for anyone to be anything other than themselves with friends.

Pubs also offer a place where you can unwind with your colleagues over some live music or food.

Jamie Hickey (NASM, FMS), Certified Trainer, Registered Dietician, and Founder of Truism Fitness

It’s Less About The Alcohol and More About The Social Interactions

Pubs in the UK and Europe are more about socialization and less about drinking than US bars. In fact, Italy has the lowest alcoholism rate because people don’t drink to forget or block the world – they drink with meals, usually wine, to solidify social bonds. Humans are intensely social, and our mental health depends on having occasions to celebrate relationships and keeping them updated. 

Alcohol over our history has helped to lower inhibitions that keep us apart and self-centered. It’s always been an important catalyst for bonding. It just depends on the culture and how alcohol works under the cultural values in each region of the world.

Margaret J. King (Ph.D.), Director of The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis

Frequenting Local Bars Develops Better Social Interaction and Community Engagement

According to a recent study by Oxford University, people who go to local bars tend to be more active in social interactions and trust community members more-think about it; this makes a lot of sense. Studies have shown that this may be the ordinary face you see or the good time you spent with friends in college, etc.  

When you establish connections and positive interactions with people in an environment, it makes sense that you will be more involved in social interactions and trust the surrounding environment. Relieve stress, cultivate sentiment, chat and communicate with good friends, build friendship

Andy, Head of Marketing-China; Cloom Tech